Song selection applicationUser experience | User interface

“Into the Black” VR applicationInteraction design | VR design

Montreux Jazz Festival archive experienceExperience | Interaction | Visual design

“nina” experienceExperience design

3M Infinite InnovationArt direction | Design

La Porte des SavoirsExperience design | Interaction design

“Montreux Panorama” VR applicationInteraction design | VR design

MIP Lab Interactive presentationCreative direction | Experience design

MJHL interactive applicationsInteraction design

FABRICA LivewindowsManagement | Content production | Experience

Livewindows contentContent production

Louis Vuitton America’s Cup PartyArt direction | Graphic design | Content production

EPFL+ECAL Lab ScenographyVisual design | Graphic design

Louis Vuitton 150th anniversary celebrationsAssistant director | Content production

Livewindows institutional visual identityCorporate Design

MIP experienceVisual identity

Livewindows ExperienceExperience design | Project management

MJHL visual identityCorporate design

“nina” visual communicationVisual identity

Travelling suitcase prototypeExperience Design | Design research

Livewindows web platformWeb design

Benetton Group Corporate Digital SignageProject and content supervisor | Project Manager

Montreux Jazz Festival AnecdotesContent research | Content production

SISLEY campaign showArt Direction | Content production

Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab ResearchDesign research | Hardware software research

Institutional Livewindows book IArt direction | Design

Digital installations R&DHardware research | Software research

Institutional Livewindows book IIArt direction | Design

VR principles investigationDesign research in VR

“nina” researchDesign research | User experience research

Kitchen Aid MagazineArt direction | Design

Digital projects in MuseumsDesign research

Missoni Home catalogArt direction | Design